Posted by: Anil | July 2, 2008

Google Apps…

… or is it Google’s Apps? We’ve introduced a beta version of’s Your Apps service in early June. It has had limited amount of documentation and not much exposure on the main page.

We wanted to explain what Your Apps is and how its different (and better) than Google Apps.

Your Apps is just a collection of open source software we provide under Your domain name. You get a domain name, and add that domain name into your Your Apps account. You get an address book, web mail, and IMAP mail. Blogs in the future.

Also, all of the software in turn can be accessed via the same login and password.

Back to how we differ from Google Apps…

  • Google Apps is not free (the domain email component is $3/year/user).
    Your Apps is free.
  • Google Apps mail doesn’t use a standard compliant IMAP server. This is why you need some specific customization to your mail client to make it work properly.
    Your Apps is 100% compliant and standards based. It has a pure IMAP protocol service.
  • Google Apps’s main customer service is community based and its not easy to get someone from Google to help you with technical problem(s). If you need to restore your email, do you know what to do?
    Your Apps is run by, it is much smaller. You just need to email our support alias, someone will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Google doesn’t have a centralized address book.
    Your Apps does. We use LDAP to store all address book contacts. Using that, you can access your contacts from anywhere, any client!

Those are just a few reasons. Your Apps is much more than just email. We have some very cool features that we’ll have in the future that’ll all be integrated into Your domain!

We hope this gives you a small glimpse of how Your Apps compares with Google services. One thing we have common with Google Apps is that our service are also in Beta. 🙂 You might see a bug or two — which we are actively resolving in the background.



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