Posted by: Anil | March 17, 2008

Glassfish Hosting

In one of our previous blogs we’ve discussed how to setup Glassfish in your virtual server from In this blog, we’ll discuss why you would want to use for your Glassfish hosting needs, and elaborate a little bit more on the server requirements – good to know before purchasing you server from us.

Lets start with why we are better than the competition.

  • Our servers run on Solaris, developed by Sun. The same company that created Java. Naturally, our servers are optimized for the Java development environment. To this, we run nothing but Solaris. Our expertise is on Solaris.
  • We have several JDK versions available for use. We have them there for developers who have specific requirements and also to provide backward compatibility, if needed.
root@mx1:/usr/jdk# ls
instances      jdk1.5.0_14    latest
j2sdk1.4.2_13  jdk1.6.0_04    packages
  • You get full root access to the server to run your Java application.
  • Low utilized servers, plenty of memory and CPU cycles available for your applications.
  • Full X windows GUI environment available for development – for admin console and other X window based applications/toolkits.

Our Premium plan is the recommended plan for running Glassfish. It’ll give you plenty of additional memory space for running databases and other web servers in conjunction with Glassfish. It currently comes with 512MB of RAM. As of this March 17 2008, the current price for this is $50/month.

Limited time offer

Developer Discounts for those interested in running Glassfish, please contact us at sales at We’re offering discounts off the listed price!


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