Posted by: Anil | March 6, 2008

How are we different…

It can be difficult to pick a VPS provider. Our VPS’ are called v.Dedicated Servers, because thats exactly what they are, at least thats how we offer it. Dedicated Servers which make use of virtualization to provide full root enabled UNIX environment, dedicated to the customer.

Our goal is to not over sell. We allocate the server’s resources such that each customer is assigned their own share – this same share is not assigned out to someone else!

Here are a few reasons that may help you decide on the right provider.

  • Our InterNAP network is the best in the world. NASDAQ financial stock exchange uses the same network! When you want to buy and sell shares, speed matters. šŸ™‚ We’ll elaborate on the different kinds of networks out there in a later blog.
  • Our servers are best in the world. Dual power supplies. Redundant “mirrored ECC RAM” (Yes, there are things like this). Redundant SAS 15K RPM drives. Super optimized software.
  • Our technical support and service are rated with high reviews from current customers.

But, what does all that mean? It just means that we provide high quality superior services that our customers can depend on to! You can think of us like the Starbucks of the virtual server market.

Limited time offer

For a limited time we are offering up to 50% off of our plans for developers! This includes the Glassfish or Java community, Python, RoR developers and more. Please email us for more information.


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