Posted by: Anil | December 22, 2007

2008, going forward

Instead of reminiscing about how or what 2007 has been, I wanted to talk a little bit about where we are going with Entic Services ( We are a pretty new shop, and the services we are currently offering (to the public) are only a small piece of the pie. Here is a sneak peak at whats coming in no particular order. We’re excited.

  1. New network provider coming soon. Our goal has been to provide quality bandwidth, and not quantity. This is exactly why you don’t see us offering 1500Gb bandwidth per month (or some large number) in our plans, which is usually a result of a server provider using poor quality network which is cheaper! We pay big bucks to get quality. More on this later.
  2. Your Apps™. This is kind of like Google Apps, but our version of it, with our own distinctions. Ours will be standards based services, unlike Google. More on this later.
  3. Expand our and (these domains don’t exist, its a secret, we can’t disclose them yet). More on this later.
  4. Better Billing. We are half developers, so we are tempted to write our own Billing system – this saves cost in the long term. However, we are still evaluating if Google Checkout or Paypal will work for us. Google might be a good choice if it had recurring payments, but it doesn’t yet. We’ll have to wait and see. More on this later.

Thats all for now. Our list isn’t complete, but more on that later.



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