Posted by: Anil | November 26, 2007

Backups and Restores

We are now officially backing up to USB devices, and no longer using tapes. Here are the new backup and restore policies in effect going forward:

Fri full

Friday at 3:30 am PDT, we kick off full backups to our USB drives. This data is always available from within Your server (e.g. this example server is

root@vds5:/# ls /backup/vds5/
coolstack  fs         usrlocal
File system Accessible from
/ /backup/vds5/fs/root
/opt/coolstack /backup/vds5/coolstack
/usr/local /backup/vds5/usrlocal

Linux/CentOS users: This online access to your backup data is only available to Solaris OS users. While your data is backed up the same way, the “/backup/vds5” is not accessible from within your server. Requests for restores need to goto

1 hr snapshot

We also take 1 hour snapshots on top of the hour (e.g. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4.00 PDT) of your system to the System hard disk (not to the USB device). If you deleted something in the last hour, we can restore it.

Unlike the friday full’s, we do not currently export these backups to Your server. To request a restore, you’ll need to email us or page us for immediate restore. We’ll provide some kind of script in the future to allow for self management of these 1 hr snapshot/restores.


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