Posted by: Anil | November 21, 2007

Coolstack and an apology hosts Coolstack software. Coolstack is a stack of software precompiled to run as fast as possible. Its optimized Solaris software.

Here is whats included as of right now (in the implementation):

Perl 5.8.8
Tomcat 5.5.23

To make the Coolstack maintainable when multiple zones are used, we actually don’t do the Sun suggested implementation of installing through packages for each zone/server we provision. What we do is install the Coolstack packages in the global zone, and then using lofs, copy the /opt/coolstack bits into the customer’s ZFS partition. Here is a zonecfg snippet:

add fs
set dir=/opt/coolstack
set special=/data/vds5/coolstack
set type=lofs
add options rw
add options nodevices
add options exec

This has a few of big benefits:

  • If we remove or update packages of Coolstack in the global zone, it won’t effect our customer’s /opt/coolstack binaries
  • But, if we do need to roll out new versions of Coolstack software, we just update the global zone, and then do a rsync (w/o the delete option) to the customer’s partition
  • This also gives the customer full control over their server. Users are free to remove /opt/coolstack/* to get a blank system without Coolstack software

Now for the apology. We try really hard not to mingle in your server directly (logging in, change things on your live/running system, removing or adding packages) but sometimes this does happen.

We had to login to several of the zones earlier this month to resolve some issues with the above Coolstack implementation. We have it all ironed out now and you should no longer see us on Your server.



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